reNEW Your Courage” 

One-Day Event

Saturday, November 6, 2021,  9:00-5:00 pm, First Church, Wethersfield, CT

8:30                            Doors Open, Booktable Opens, Authors Drop off Books,

8:30-9:30                   Booktable SALES

9:00                           Gathering and Coffee

9:30                           Welcome and Worship

10:00-10:30             “Courage to Persevere and Hope” – Rachel Britton

10:30-10:35             Transition with book giveaway

10:35-11:05             “Courage to be a Storyteller” – Tessa Afshar

11:10-12:00             Celebration of New Books (published November 2019-November 2021)

12:00-1:00               Lunch and Conversations

12:00-1:00               Booktable SALES (last chance)

1:00-2:00                 “Courage to Share Your Message” – Lucinda Secrest McDowell
Interactive practicum taking you through the process of writing for our new book “The Courage to Write” and Q & A about this project with Rachel Britton

2:00-2:20                 Guided Prayer around Tables – Jennifer Drummond

2:30-3:00                “Courage to Explore New Things” – Heidi Chiavaroli

3:00-3:15                 Group photo and brief break

3:15-3:25                 Worship – Kirsten Panachyda

3:30-4:00                 “Courage for Truth and Authenticity” – Lori Roeleveld

4:00-4:15                 Closing Song and Farewell

4:15-4:45                 Mingle, Authors Close Out with Booktable