Thank you for considering a donation to the Lucinda Secrest McDowell Scholarship Fund.

Your contribution will enable Christ-following writers and speakers to attend reNEW – spiritual retreat for writers and speakers. reNEW is a community of both beginner and seasoned communicators who are growing spiritually and professionally so they can be effective outwardly.

All donations will be used in their entirety as partial scholarships for writers and speakers who do not have the financial means to attend reNEW and who are purposeful in their calling as writers and speakers and faithfulness to Christ.

Please make your donation below.

A tax receipt will be provided through Rachel Britton Ministries. reNEW is a program offered through Rachel Britton Ministries and is operated on a not-for-profit basis.

We remember and mourn the loss of co-director, Lucinda Secrest McDowell.

Lucinda’s love, encouragement, and unique ability to see the strengths and talent in each writer and speaker she met has enabled all of us at reNEW to flourish in our calling to communicate the good news of Jesus through our writing and speaking.

The Lucinda Secrest McDowell Scholarship Fund was created to honor Lucinda and celebrate her remarkable and generous contribution in creating and building the reNEW community, and to continue her legacy of inspiring writers and speakers.