We offer headshots taken by professional photographer and reNEW team member Marla Darius during the retreat. 


$30 for one headshot
$50 for two headshots

$30 for one speaker shot
$50 for two speaker shots

$60 for one headshot and one speaker shot

*CT sales tax will be added to the final invoice

Additional photos will be $25 each up to a total of 4 photos (speaker or headshot).

If you choose both speaker and headshot, you can have a maximum of 8 photos, since you will have two time slots (see explanation below).

One headshot and one speaker shot is priced at $60 since this requires two different set ups, location and lighting for each photo. Two time slots are reserved for these sessions, so there is time to take these different poses. 

Please contact Marla Darius directly to set up your photo session: mbdarius7@gmail.com

  1. Send an email to mbdarius7@gmail.com  requesting a “headshot” or “speaker shot” appointment. Please provide your phone number.
  2. State how many poses/photos you might like and when you plan to arrive at the retreat and your best availability. The appointments will be every 15 minutes.
    1. Friday from 9 AM – 11:45 AM, and 1 PM – 2 PM.
    2. Saturday from 2:30 PM – 5:15 PM
  3. You will receive an email or call from Marla with available appointment times during the Friday and Saturday time slots. 
  4. Please provide your full name, cell number (so Marla can contact you on photo day as well). You will then receive details by email of your photo appointment, what to expect, how to dress, etc. 
  5. Payment can be cash or check made out to Marla’s Photography or Venmo @Marla-Darius. Please submit payment at the completion of your photo appointment. 
  6. Appointments will not be scheduled at any other time during the weekend so as not to interfere with the flow of the retreat.